Facility Operations


Facility Operations encompasses Maintenance and Development, Natural and Historical Resources, Sports Health and Wellness, Arts and Cultural Heritage, and Public Affairs and Marketing.
  1. Arts & Cultural Heritage Division

    The Arts and Cultural Heritage Division (ACHD) coordinates and manages arts facilities and spaces, historic properties, community arts services, and other programs serving county artists and residents.

  2. Maintenance & Development Division

    The Maintenance and Development Division provides major routine maintenance and repair of all Department of Parks and Recreation facilities and properties through five major work programs.

  3. Natural & Historical Resources Division

    The Natural and Historical Resources Division (NHRD) is comprised of nature and historic facilities. The Division manages diverse history and nature related programs, maintains natural area parks, and operates and interprets significant historic sites and museums.

  4. Public Affairs & Marketing Division

    The Public Affairs and Marketing Division's (PAMD) work program promotes and markets parks and recreation facilities as well as programs and services.

  5. Sports, Health, & Wellness Division

    The Sports, Health, and Wellness Division (SHWD) provides recreational sporting opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels.