Project Schedule

The 18-month schedule planned for this functional master plan is in compliance with CB-39-2005, an ordinance concerning master plan and sector plan procedures. Following initiation of the PPA Plan in June 2010 by the Prince George's County Planning Board, the County Council reviewed the initiation in July 2010. After Council approval, the project team conducted public workshops as well as other community outreach events. Drafting of the plan with goals, policies, and strategies are taking place in the fall and winter 2010. The draft plan will undergo M-NCPPC review in early 2011 and will be printed in time for a joint public hearing in September 2011. The process runs through March 2012 or until June 2012 if the District Council sets a second public hearing.
Time Frame
January - June 2010
Planning Board Initiation
June 2010
District Council Authorization
July 2010
Public Participation-Outreach Meetings
August - November 2010
Prepare Plan
September 2010 - January 2011
Permission to Print
March 2011
First Joint Public Hearing
June 2011
Planning Board Adoption and Endorsement
September 2011
Plan Transmittal to District Council
September 2011
District Council Takes Action or Sets Second Public Hearing (if Required)
November 2011
Second Joint Public Hearing (if Required)
January 2012