alert-triangle-white A notice to our patrons

Due to the ongoing pandemic, rentals are currently unavailable.
The Main Gallery at Montpelier is available for rent by community groups and organizations for meetings, small performances, workshops and conferences during non-public hours.
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Rentals are scheduled on a first-come, first served basis as the program schedule allows. Rentals must be arranged with at least 30 days notice. Rates vary depending on the type of organization-relative to non-profit status, bi-county residency, and whether or not an organization is arts-focused or not.


Those wishing to host celebrations/social events should visit "Elegant Settings.” Interested groups or individuals must submit an application at least a month before the event and will receive approval from Prince George’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Main Gallery

The Main Gallery can be rented for meetings or events only after 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and after 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Gallery rentals may only be scheduled as the exhibition, program, and class schedule allows.

Montpelier Arts Center Rental Schedule

Organization Resident Cost Per Hour
Non-Resident Cost Per Hour
Hour Minimum
501 (c)(3)
Non-Profit Arts Organizations
$50 $65 2
501 (c)(3)
Non-Profit Non Arts Organizations
$65 $85 2
Profit-Making Organizations $150 $195 2