planning for retirement

M-NCPPC Sponsored Programs

Members may elect to participate in certain M-NCPPC sponsored programs. The ERS withholds premiums from the monthly retirement benefit payment.

Medical Insurance

Members may be eligible to participate in the M-NCPPC's medical insurance plan.

Legal Resources

Members may continue participation in the legal resources plan offered by M-NCPPC.

Life Insurance

The term life insurance under the M-NCPPC's group plan will terminate at retirement. Members are entitled to convert the policy within 31 days of retirement to a whole life policy.

The M-NCPPC's Health & Benefits Office administers these programs. All questions and/or concerns regarding benefits should be diected to that office at (301) 454-1694.

M-NCPPC Federal Credit Union

Members of the M-NCPPC Federal Credit Union may elect to have a deduction from the monthly retirement benefit deposited into the Credit Union.

For information on the benefits of joining the M-NCPPC Federal Credit Union visit their website at