Trail Alerts

Updated December 17, 2021

A new staging area has been selected and M-NCPPC has resubmitted their crane plan and construction permit application to WMATA for review. A joint permit application for the Maryland Department of Environment and Prince George’s County's Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement is undergoing internal review. We anticipate submission to the respective agencies before year end.

Updated October 27, 2021

Update on Replacement of the Pedestrian Bridge Crossing the NW Branch Trail at the West Hyattsville Metro Station

pedestrian bridge crossingThe M-NCPPC, Department of Parks and Recreation recognizes the value of its recreation trails and transit connector and is committed to keeping the community informed on the status of the replacement of the pedestrian bridge.

The Department is actively working with both WSSC and WMATA to address site sensitivities related to existing utilities and infrastructural elements that in turn have resulted in the delay of the replacement of the pedestrian bridge crossing the NW Branch Trail at the West Hyattsville Metro Station.

To date, the Department has received notification from WSSC that four water main and sewer lines are located near the proposed work area and associated site investigation has commenced. As such, the Department identified a potential new work area and was required to re-submit documents to WMATA for approval due to the close proximity to the Metro train right-of-way.

Once all approvals and permits are received, the Department estimates that it would take about two weeks to safely remove the bridge as well as repair the bridge abutments and connection points.

The Department estimates that fabrication of the new bridge would take about 8 to 10 weeks and installation of the bridge could be completed in early Spring of 2022, weather permitting.

As of Spring 2021 

UPDATE: Northwest Branch Trail at West Hyattsville Metrorail Station: WMATA will be shutting down the West Hyattsville Station between Saturday, May 29th and Monday, September 6th for repairs and renovations. Department of Parks and Recreation staff and contractors are poised to use this time to complete the trail bridge replacement linking Chillum Road to the Northwest Branch Trail and the station. The contractor and WMATA are coordinating details to ensure a safe installation immediately adjacent to the Green Line elevated tracks.

Anacostia Tributary Trail System

Following several days of heavy rain and regional flooding on September 10, 2020, the Department of Parks and Recreation reports the following closures and precautions:

West Hyattsville: The bridge on a spur trail that links Chillum Road to the West Hyattsville Metro Station and Northwest Branch Trail was badly damaged following several days of heavy rain and regional flooding in September 2020 and remains closed as repairs take place. Repairs may be slower due to COVID-19. A date for installation has not been established yet. Please reach out to Robert Patten, Trail Program Manager if you have further questions: 301-699-2522;

Riverdale Park: A bridge on the Northeast Branch Trail was damaged and will need to be replaced. The bridge spans the Wells Branch, a feeder stream that is located just north of Riverdale Road. It may take up to 12 months to replace this bridge. Detour signs will be posted on a route through the Town of Riverdale Park.

For additional details, please refer to the attached map.

Northwest Branch Trail

A section of the Northwest Branch Trail located between the West Hyattsville Metrorail station and the Kirkwood Apartment complex will be closed for repairs, for one week beginning June 1. Detour signs will be posted directing trail users around the Riverfront Development construction site, toward Ager Road, and through the West Hyattsville Metrorail Station. For questions related to the repairs, please refer to the contact information on site.

Paint Branch Trail Flooding Issues

The trail underpass at US Route 1, near the University of Maryland, floods frequently and leaves the trail muddy and covered with debris. The underpass below the CSX railroad and Metrorail overpasses near Lake Artemesia, also floods frequently. Department of Parks and Recreation is aware of these problem areas. Department of Parks and Recreation is working with local partners and consultants to seek short-term and long-term solutions at these locations. Each location has numerous government agencies/entities with jurisdiction, making matters extremely complicated.