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In June 2020, the Community Planning Division commenced a new parking study for Takoma Langley Crossroad area to assess the current demand and supply of residential and commercial parking at various peak times, reflecting the diversity of users and times that parking demand may be highest. The goal of this study is to identify strategies that can mitigate the parking issue in the study area. The project will examine legislation, the impact of zoning, enforcement, policies like Residential Parking Permits, and public-private partnerships among others as potential solutions.

Our consultant is currently hosting an online survey for the TLC Parking Study. Due to constraints surrounding the pandemic, we were not able to engage stakeholders in person, so the project team mailed more than 8000+ postcards to residents and businesses in the study area, directing them to the Takoma Langley Crossroads Parking Study Survey ( We encourage all community members to provide feedback to inform the action plan that the consultant team will begin developing in February 2021. The survey will be open until mid-February.

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