Countywide MPOT Plan 2035 Implementation

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The Prince George’s County Planning Department has initiated a multi-year effort to develop a new and updated Master Plan of Transportation (MPOT). 

The Countywide Master Plan of Transportation - Plan 2035 Implementation (MPOT 2035), a countywide functional master plan for guiding transportation infrastructure and network development, will update and replace the 2009 MPOT as well as the transportation facility recommendations from the active area and sector master plans.  

The MPOT 2035 will also implement conformance with the approved general plan, Plan Prince George’s 2035 (Plan 2035).  

County Council Initiation: On September 21, 2021, the County Council approved the initiation of the MPOT 2035 Functional Master Plan; as well as the approval of the project’s Recommended Goals, Concepts, and Guidelines and the Public Participation Program.

Planning Board Project Initiation: On July 15, 2021, the Prince George’s County Planning Board initiated the MPOT 2035 Functional Master Plan. The Planning Board’s plan initiation coincided with the transmittal to the District Council for approval, the project’s Recommended Goals, Concepts, and Guidelines, as well as the Public Participation Program. 

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