Lake Artemesia Fitness Station

Project Background/Description 

Lake Artemesia Park consists of a 38-acre lake, with a handicapped-accessible fishing pier, aquatic gardens, and a two-mile hiking/biking loop trail with connections to the Northeast Branch Master Planned Trail. The scope of this project is to install a fitness station next to the trail per the community's request.  

The fitness station will be located on the west side of the lake, adjacent to the trail for easy access. A multi-function station with attached shade structures will be placed at the center and surrounded by 10 other pieces of fitness equipment to allow for different types of exercises. Benches and sitting boulders are also provided for users to rest, socialize, or simply just relax and enjoy the views of the lake.       

Lake Artemesia Fitness Station Concept Plan

Status/Project Updates

Last Updated August 2022

Currently, the project is in the Construction phase. 

A summary of completed and anticipated project milestones is as follows:

  • June 2021 – Project Initiation
  • August 2021 – Pre-Design / Site Location Selection / Concept
  • November 2021 – Design / Construction Document
  • January 2022 – Construction Bid
  • March 2022 – Construction (schedule affected by supply chain issues and labor shortage)
  • Summer 2022 – Final Completion / Opening

Actual dates for the completion of the milestones are subject to change.