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Placemaking Suitland Volunteer Application

  1. The Better Block Foundation, The Prince George’s County Planning Department, and Creative Suitland invite you to volunteer for Placemaking Suitland, a fun-filled, informative event celebrating arts and community in Suitland, Maryland!

    Volunteers are integral to the success of Placemaking Suitland. Immediately following the kickoff, we need your help with planning, promoting, and programming the main event in April. The week of the main event (April 4 - 9), the parking lot in front of Creative Suitland (4719 Silver Hill Rd, Suitland, MD) will be transformed with temporary placemaking elements to test community-driven changes to public space. We will host community workshops throughout the week and climax with the main event Friday and Saturday. During this time, volunteers will be needed to help build, paint, unbox, and pull everything together. 

    We invite the community from all ages to use this space, explore placemaking, and learn how quality public space can affect a community! Please sign up to volunteer to help make Placemaking Suitland a success!

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  5. If you have questions about this project, please email or call 214-906-5735 for more information.

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