Information Management


14430 Old Mill Road
Lakeside Offices
Upper Marlboro,, MD 20772

240-524-8412 or 301-952-3918


Link: Information Management Division

During Covid-19, the Information Management Division has created a cell number that is being answered by our Administrative Staff.  Please call 240-524-8412 or email staff directly.

Name Title Email Phone
Contee, Wendy Senior Planning Technician Direct: 301-952-3569 | Teams Mobile: 240-244-3696
Cannistra, James Division Chief, Information Management Division Direct: 301-952-3918 | Teams Mobile: 240-242-7310
Dorsey, Tina Supervisor, Data Systems Direct: 301-952-3918 | Teams Mobile: 240-763-0984
Shean, Michael Supervisor, Geographic Information System Direct: 301-952-4779 | Teams Mobile: 240-343-3203
Strong, Shareese Supervisor, Network and Technology Services Direct: 301-952-3484 | Teams Mobile: 240-326-3452
Address Team,   Direct: 301-952-3918
Jarvis, Dave GIS Specialist II Direct: 301-952-5412 | Teams Mobile: 240-545-5442