Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships

Community partnerships help the Department expand and enhance ongoing services and programs to achieve our mission. These partnerships provide meaningful, tangible resources, services, and programs that benefit all in our community.

Prospective Community Partnerships

We partner with organizations working toward measurable outcomes in the areas of active seniors, community arts/education, conservation/outdoor education, health and wellness, local history, and youth development.   

Start the conversation today by submitting your Proposal for Community Partnership here. You will be asked to detail your organization’s goals and resources, describe your vision for a partnership, and provide proof of your organization’s tax-exempt status. 

Current Community Partnerships

It’s now easier than ever to request support from the Department. Click the PARKS DIRECT logo below to log into your account and submit your requests.

Easily update your contact information and share details of your annual community activity here.

For more information, call 301-446-3313.


Where can I find a space to host a family event?

The Department of Parks and Recreation has a variety of places where you can host events including but not limited to pavilions, venues, historical mansions, park buildings, community centers, and picnic shelters. You can find a space to host a family event by checking out our Parks and Recreation Rentals webpage. 

How do I host a non-profit event at a community center?

The Department of Parks and Recreation allows the use of its community centers for different organizations. As a non-profit organization, you may be eligible for a discounted rental price. 

View our Community Center Rentals webpage in order to find out more information about renting community centers for your events. 

How do I find a space at a park building for my non-profit organization’s event?

The Department of Parks and Recreation offers rentals of different park buildings throughout the county. There are two different types of park buildings that can be rented including a regular park building that has a kitchen and a park building that does not have a kitchen. 

For more information, view our Park Building Rentals webpage.

How can I have the bandwagon stage at my event?

The Department of Parks and Recreation offers the Bandwagon stage for all interested in taking their event to the next level! The bandwagon is a mobile-covered trailer with a stage. This stage also comes equipped with many useful features like microphones and speakers. 

For more information about renting the bandwagon for your event, view our Bandwagon Rental webpage. 

How can I host a walk/run that benefits a local cause?

The Department of Parks and Recreation encourages charitable benefits among the community members. In order to host a walk/run event, you must fill out the form below and submit it to the appropriate office.

Walk/Run Benefit Application (PDF)


How can my organization volunteer with the Department?

The Department of Parks and Recreation offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for students, individuals, organizations, and more. Individuals and groups can help on a one-day project or on an ongoing basis.

For more information about volunteering with the Department, view our Volunteer Opportunities webpage


Corporate Partnerships

Great parks need great supporters like you!

Become one of the regional or national companies that believe in the value of public spaces throughout Prince George’s County. Corporate support helps to make new parks possible, honors supporters at special events, and provides funding for community-driven events. Here’s what we can accomplish with your support: 

  • Make new parks possible
  • Provide funding for community-driven events
  • Revive an arts program for youth 

We can create a customized proposal along with partnership incentives tailored to your specific needs and target initiatives within our community.

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