Recreation and Leisure Services

Recreation and Leisure Services

Wanda Ramos

Deputy Director

Aquatics & Athletic Facilities Division


The Aquatics & Athletic Facilities Division (AAFD) provides recreational sporting opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels.

Responsibilities & Initiatives

The Aquatics and Athletic Facilities Division operates ten aquatic facilities, three multi-sport complexes, four golf courses, three tennis bubbles, two ice rinks, and one clay target shooting facility. 

  • Provides recreational opportunities to patrons of various ages and skill levels
  • Develops and implements programs and activities specific to each sport
  • Offers certified instruction
  • Hosts local, regional, and national competitions and events
  • Offers learn-to-swim classes to patrons of all ages
  • Provides training and job opportunities
  • Creates partnerships with collegiate and organized sports groups

Manages the following facilities:

  • Allentown Splash, Tennis & Fitness Park
  • Fairland Sports & Aquatics Complex
  • Prince George’s Sports & Learning Complex
  • Rollingcrest-Chillum Splash Pool
  • Theresa Banks Memorial Aquatics Center
  • Southern Area Aquatics & Recreation Complex (Aquatic Facility)
  • Southern Regional Technology and Recreation Complex (Aquatic Facility)
  • Enterprise Golf Course, Henson Creek Golf Course, Paint Branch Golf Complex
  • Prince George’s County Trap & Skeet Center
  • Cosca Tennis Bubble, Watkins Tennis Bubble
  • Herbert Wells Ice Rink, Tucker Road Ice Rink
  • Seven seasonal pools
Tara Eggleston Stewart

Division Chief

Northern Recreation & Leisure Services


Northern Recreation & Leisure Services coordinates, manages, and directs comprehensive parks and recreation programs for residents in the northern area of Prince George’s County.

Shawna Fachet

Division Chief

Northern Recreation & Leisure Services

301 Watkins Park Dr
Kettering, MD 20774

Southern Recreation & Leisure Services


Southern Recreation & Leisure Services coordinates, manages and directs comprehensive parks and recreation programs for residents in the southern area of Prince George’s County.

Southern Recreation & Leisure Services

10701 Livingston Road
Fort Washington, MD 20744

OFFICE: 301-203-6000

Angela Anglin

Southern Recreation & Leisure Services Division Chief

Special Programs


The Special Programs Division (SPD) provides child care, coordinates and implements countywide youth and senior programs, provides therapeutic recreation opportunities for individuals with disabilities while promoting and facilitating the development of leisure skills and socialization, and offers family-oriented and culturally informed health, nutrition, and exercise programs to improve the quality of life for County residents.

Special Programs Address

7833 Walker Drive suite 110
Greenbelt, MD 20770

OFFICE: 301-446-3400

FAX: 301-446-3401

Anthony Nolan

Division Chief

Youth & Countywide Sports Division

The Youth & Countywide Sports Division is comprised of sports programs, athletic field permitting, and health & wellness.

Responsibilities and Initiatives

Provides youth and adult sports leagues throughout the county.

Diversifies sports offerings across the county to include all collegiate scholarship sports.

Creates close partnerships between the county’s youth sports organizations, colleges, and universities.

Creates and maintains a central database and website for all sports organizations, leagues, and teams, including the Prince George’s County Boy & Girls Club.

Centralizes and streamlines the scheduling of athletic facilities within the county.

Develops and implements health and wellness programs and initiatives that are culturally competent and diverse. 

Promotes a healthy lifestyle for residents.

Connects residents to parks through programs, initiatives, outreach events, etc.

Manages the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center and Prince George’s Stadium.

Game On! Initiative

Bill Sheehan

Division Chief

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